Who Are We?

Celebrating Over 25 Years in Business

CRT & Associates, Inc. was established in 1984 by two recently graduated Michigan Technological University engineers. The company quickly established itself as a consulting firm specializing in comprehensive computing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Using the UNIX operating system, CRT & Associates was able to provide its clients custom, economically feasible, personal computer based alternatives at a time when information systems were dominated by mini and mainframe structures. During this time, CRT & Associates focused its attention on system configuration and the design of customer specific database management software products. These products primarily consisted of process management, inventory control, accounting/general ledger, and point-of-sale programs and were designed to meet the unfulfilled information system demands of its clients.

As businesses moved away from Unix/Terminal environments and towards desktop computers using network connectivity, CRT & Associates, maintained many of it relationships by broading it's skill set to include network architecture. However, the lessons learned in developing custom software for the Unix environment continued to be very valuable skills as businesses moved to connect remote offices via "dial-up connectivity".

The broad skill set that CRT & Associates had achieved during it's early years, helped ink a contract to provide custom programming and remote connectivity to one of the large Midwestern telephone companies in the 90's. The project involved programming custom software and maintaining equipment in one location and allow access from several offices spread throughout a five state area.

As the new technology known as the World Wide Web began to be the "must have" technology for business, CRT & Associates was well positioned. As businesses were moving away from fax machines and towards email, CRT & Associates was diving into the internet business with the purchase of an established Internet Service Provider that eventually became known as Infinite Communications. When the internet evolved to the point that "dial-up" users were quickly changing to DSL or Cable access, Infinite Communications, under the same leadership CRT & Associates held for almost two decades, switched from being an ISP for dial-up connectivity to a web-hosting company. In it's most recent years, CRT & Associates and Infinite Communications in addition to remaining a web-hosting company has spent time developing website and web-based applications.

Since its inception in the early 80's, CRT & Associates has proven itself a technological partner to many diverse businesses and organizations throughout the United States. We are proud to say that we are producing technological solutions and achieving process automation efficiencies for tomorrow's businesses today.

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