What is Unix?

What many people don't realize is that while they sit in front of their Windows or Apple Mac PC browsing the Internet, most of what they are seeing and experiencing, is delivered by a UNIX based server. Today this would most likely be a Linux server. Linux is an operating system that has its origins in the UNIX operating system of the late 70's and early 80's. Linux is robust, stable and, for the most part supported by the user community. It is an Open System meaning the source code is basically available for cross platform development. Because of this, Linux is used to power everything from mp3 players and cell phones, to some of the largest servers and server farms on the planet. If you use a newer Apple MAC you are using a version of Linux (surprised?).

Unix Server

Since CRT went into business in 1984, we have been providing open minded, forward thinking clients with UNIX and Linux based solutions as well as mainstream Microsoft based systems. These are clients that realize they need just a narrow band of functionality to effectively run their business. With tools like Star Office from Sun Microsystems, Firefox and Thunderbird browsing and email clients, they can provide all the tools the employees need without investing piles of money. For added flexibility, some may want to establish a mixed platform environment, taking advantage of the strengths of the UNIX/Linux server platform and the wide array of software in the Windows desktop world. Ultimately office managers have found that employees stay focused, and tend to spend less time "playing" with the computer and more time doing productive work when a non-Windows or Mac OS is employed . In addition, Linux is much less vulnerable to viruses and other issues plaguing Windows machines.

Using UNIX/Linux based servers in you business can give you an advantage over your competition.