On the Level Floor Inspections

A New Website

– CRT works with small medium and large businesses. While working with large businesses has its rewards, being part of a small business success storys brings rewards of their own.  The large manufacturing operations, communications companies and national distribution companies all provide unique challenges and opportunities to scale our skills and talents, but the small, mostly family owned businesses gives us a chance to make a big difference in the lives of a few. 

These small business owners are very smart people. They have skills in their craft so refined it normally precludes them from knowing how to build a website, or social media page or other modern marketing presents. The smartest people know what they don’t know.

When working with a small business, cost is always a concern, so it is critical the site is effective, even if it is a smaller site. Driving traffic to a several hundred page website is easy. Simple size dictates that the site will have thousands of keywords for search engines to index and users to find during searches.  This is not the case for small businesses. However, small businesses have another advantage, they are local. Their customer base usually resides within on hundred miles. This fact can be used to great advantage. By making sure their site has plenty of local keywords and geographic references, we can target the site to those most likely to find it useful. By doing this, most search engine will reward the site with elevated search status, making it easy to find for the business’ customers.

On the Level Floor Inspections

CRT’s  most recent site is for On The Level Floor Inspections, ( https://onthelevelfloorinspections.com ) a Denver based company. Bryan and Lavinia wanted a new site that highlight their services and help them generate more business. The new site does just that. We will be monitoring the site for the next year to ensure it drive the traffic we expect.

If you have a small medium or large business that could use an experienced Internet marketing firm, like CRT & Associate, Inc. please contact us.

Thank you.